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Youthhealthtalk said... is a website where young people can learn from the experiences of their peers. The site features video clips from interviews with young people about their experiences of issues such as sex, drugs, alcohol, weight, depression and low mood and serious health conditions. All the interviews are by Oxford University researchers and published by the DIPEx Charity. We have no message or agenda to promote. Our aim is to give a voice to the full range of experiences linked with each issue, to promote understanding of what young people go through and to improve communication between young people and those who support them. With more funding, we could raise awareness of the site and let more young people know that this fantastic resource is available to them, 24/7, free of charge. We would do this by recruiting, training and equipping volunteer promoters, holding fun competitions and through tried and tested marketing techniques. Please visit to see for yourself!
22 July 2011
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