GRASSROOTS - linking schools to schools in Tanzania, Kenya, Romania and India

GRASSROOTS is a registered charity based in Rowledge (near Farnham, Surrey) that links Surrey schools to schools in Tanzania. We also support projects in Tanzania, Kenya, Romania and India and large numbers of people in the the UK sponsor children supported by these projects. Young people from a number of Surrey schools have organised sponsorship events, mufti days or got their class to sponsor a child in the school they are linked to. Only £3.50 per month is needed to get a child in Tanzania an education, uniform, medical support and regular food. So "A little goes a LONG WAY!" Grassroots also runs a project called ORISON ( that organises interactive prayer exhibitions in Surrey primary and secondary schools. The Grassroots website is and we can be contacted at or using the phone number/address on the website.
21 July 2011
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