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Sophie AJ said...

Hi there, Go Help (http://gohelp.org.uk/) would love to apply for a grant under the MTG Youth for Charity Scheme. Go Help is a tiny charity - we are run almost completely by volunteers (with the exception of two office staff in Mongolia), we have no UK office or equipment and we have incredibly limited resources. What we manage to achieve for such a small charity is quite magnificent and is largely due to the dedication of all volunteers. Go Help is a charity that is committed to working with local communities in Central Asia to improve their access to education and healthcare services. We support 7 students going through university, set up two community centres in struggling Mongolian districts, help migrant children catch up with their literacy and helped to provide a drop in centre for street children in the capital of Mongolia. In addition, we've donated 5 ambulances in Mongolia, and 2 in Tajikistan and are working to place another 10, we set up volunteer placements, e.g for teachers, surgeons, etc, and we've been supporting other small charities with gifts in kind over the last 4 years. But we need some help - we need to get some equipment in the UK (e.g a printer), and we need to find the funding for a staff member to develop our ambulance project further. We have a massive impact by helping to provide emergency health care to thousands of people in Mongolia and Tajikistan. In Tajikistan, just on the last year we have provided the only (fully equipped) ambulances for a Tajik city of 90,000 people - one for the maternity hospital to help lower the frighteningly high infant and maternal death rates, and one as the city's Accident and Emergency ambulance. Our impact and the things we achieve could be bigger and better - we just need a bit of help to develop our resources. Thank you. To find out more about us visit the website or email sophie@gohelp.org.uk for more info... Please choose us!!!
28 July 2011 18:26

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