EIKON - Supporting young people in Surrey

Jessica Maybanks was one of the first to contact us here at Youth For Charity on behalf of EIKON, a charity that supports young people in Surrey.

Here's what she had to say:

EIKON is an absolutely fantastic charity operating in Surrey to support young people facing difficulties in their lives. Eikon works in the community and also has youth workers based in four secondary schools in Surrey - Rodborough, Bishop David Brown, Rydens and Fullbrook. The workers provide support and guidance for young people including mentoring and group work activities. Some of the challenges these young people are facing are incredibly daunting...from struggling to cope with a bereavement, family break-up, drug and alcohol addiction, self harm, depression and much more. Eikon is there for anyone who needs someone to turn to, and their open door policy means that young people can seek help when they need it. Eikon is changing lives, please support this charity! www.eikon.org.uk 20 June 2011 04:46

Jessica then proceeded to make contact with a Surrey school to encourage them to join us - let's hope they nominate EIKON for an award.

What do you think? Do you have any questions or comments re EIKON and the work that they do?

Post them below and we'll try to get some answers:

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