Bridge Mental Health - supporting people with long term mental health problems

Karen McNamara said...
Bridge Mental Health is a small charity, based in south London, that provides a pathway for people with long term mental health problems to progress from when they first need us to living a more fulfilling role within the community. We support those in our 24 hour high support accommodation to floating support in the client's own home; this support gradually tapers off to a minimum as the client gains more and more independence. We work in close collaboration with local authorities, clinical teams, community mental health groups together with the family and friends of the client whenever possible. The aim of Bridge is simple. We want to help all our clients along a path that ultimately leads to them enjoying the same freedom, opportunities and everyday pleasures that most people take for granted. With extra funding, it would enable us to widen our circle of support to include self referrals & possibly assist in us setting up a step-down service for our clients in our 24 hour support scheme For more information on this great charity please go to
21 July 2011
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