AROHON - taking tiny steps towards helping the world's poorest climb out of poverty

Mitu Khandaker said...
AROHON is a tiny charity, taking tiny steps towards doing the biggest of things: helping the world's poorest climb out of poverty. We're doing this by specifically focusing on improving opportunities for women in developing countries. It's increasingly acknowledged that the empowerment of women & adolescent girls is the most important step towards alleviating global poverty. Arohon is run by two twentysomething sisters from Portsmouth, for whom running a charity is a part-time endeavour, but world-saving is a full-time passion. We kick-started the project in 2010, raising £6,000 by showing you we're crazy enough to climb Mt Kilimanjaro. We've just used that money to build a women & girl's education & community centre in rural Bangladesh, giving a second chance to women who had to give up their education at an early age due to poverty. But, now we need more funding to keep the centre running, and also set up similar projects in other developing countries in Asia and Africa in future. You can see a video about our work at: or read more about us at
21 July 2011
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