Don't worry about where you are in the world, your UK registered charity is eligible to be nominated by students for various cash awards totalling £20 000. 

Just tell us about the charity below and leave a contact email so we can get in touch.

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    Jessica Maybanks said...

    EIKON is an absolutely fantastic charity operating in Surrey to support young people facing difficulties in their lives. Eikon works in the community and also has youth workers based in four secondary schools in Surrey - Rodborough, Bishop David Brown, Rydens and Fullbrook. The workers provide support and guidance for young people including mentoring and group work activities. Some of the challenges these young people are facing are incredibly daunting...from struggling to cope with a bereavement, family break-up, drug and alcohol addiction, self harm, depression and much more. Eikon is there for anyone who needs someone to turn to, and their open door policy means that young people can seek help when they need it. Eikon is changing lives, please support this charity!

    Alex Ball said...

    Liquid Connection - bringing hope to young people! We are a great local charity supporting vulnerable young people in the community of North Leatherhead and around the borough of Mole Valley. Our work includes relational youth work in Therfield Secondary School, year 6 transition work at Trinity Primary School, a diversionary friday night football project, a borough wide mentoring scheme for high risk young people, a football team at under 17's age group which is a prime drop out age for young people in sports, plus regular youth clubs, residentials and projects for girls and boys providing opportunities and fun!

    We have also taken young people on charitable volunteering trips to South Africa and Romania, and have another trip this summer.
    We would love your support, check us out -

    Fiona Medley said...

    The Youth Empowerment Crime Diversion Scheme is an amazingly unique charity. The scheme aims:
    To promote a positive change in the attitudes of young people which supports a reduction in offending and anti-social behaviour - Through Youth Empowerment Services a team of fully trained and experienced ex-offenders deliver interventions to young people to divert them from crime. All our interventions are specifically designed and written by our team and are based on Cognitive Behavioural Techniques (CBT), personal experience and ‘what works’ research. As the programmes are delivered by ex-offenders this creates high levels of identification and engagement from some of the most challenging and hard-to-reach groups of young people. We aim to divert young people from crime by empowering them to explore social responsibilities and lifestyle choices.

    We work with Schools, PRU's and Police groups in the Surrey area. Feedback and evaluation from service users shows that we are a highly effective and needed service.

    Support form you would be very gratefully received. Please find us at...

    Through the Roof said...

    Through the Roof is a small charity in Surrey making a big difference in the lives of disabled people around the world.

    We believe everyone has equal value and unique potential, but disabled people are the most likely to suffer from poverty, unemployment, abuse and hate-crime. In many countries disabled kids are locked up at home!

    We demonstrate God’s love for all by providing life-changing opportunities to disabled people, such as the gift of a wheelchair to those in developing countries, friendship groups, or overseas trips. Nelson in Kenya received freedom when he got a wheelchair and can now run his own business. Abigail, 17, from Surrey, had a life-changing trip to India with our youth programme (Integr8) to inspire people with her experience of living with autism.

    Please help us transform the lives of more disabled people. Visit and

    Jhmw said...

    Elmbridge Rentstart is an outstanding charity that is built to prevent homelessness in the Borough.

    In addition to helping clients to get a roof over their heads, Elmbridge Rentstart also tries to ensure tenants have the best chance of maintaining a trouble free tenancy by offering ongoing tenancy support services.

    Homelessness can occur to anyone, and we aim to house any who face such a disaster. We would gladly welcome any support we can get, it would be used to change peoples lives for the better!
    Feel free to give us a call : 01372477167

    Helen Shiers said...

    PSDS is a local charity helping children with Down syndrome to reach their full, wonderful potential. We also provide help and support for the whole family including siblings, parents and grandparents. We offer a wide range of services including speech and language therapy, pre-school early development groups, an after school drama club, educational conferences and social events. We can also offer one-to-one advice to parents at any stage. We are a very hard-working group of parent trustees who believe there should be no pre-conceived ceiling on what children with Down syndrome are expected to achieve. Please help us to continue helping children with Down syndrome to reach their amazing potential!

    elle fairy said...

    CHICKS (country holidays for inner city kids) offers free respite breaks to children from across the UK.

    The children CHICKS support come from a variety of backgrounds – those living in poverty, children that are being neglected or abused, either mentally, physically or sexually, children who have lost parents or even children who are full time young carers.

    CHICKS makes a huge impact on these young lives - please help us to help more children from your area!

    AVERT HIV/AIDS said...

    HIV/AIDS affects 33.3 million people worldwide - 2.5 million of which are children. But a future without AIDS is possible.

    AVERT is a UK based, international HIV/AIDS charity that provides free education, support and care to people living with and affected by HIV/AIDS.
    Our website, reaches over 2.5 million people a month with HIV/AIDS education and has special sections for young people, including games, quizzes and videos. AVERT also uses donations to support projects based in South Africa and Malawi, who offer testing and care to people living with and affected by HIV. Our support means that local communities can respond to the effects of AIDS in sustainable ways, for example through creating food gardens for children who are orphaned as a result of AIDS and support groups for the carers of children.
    A future without AIDS is possible - if education and care continues to reach even more people. With extra funding, AVERT will be able to continue to make sure a difference is made for people who are living with and affected by HIV/AIDS worldwide.
    Please contact us at any time for any further information, on

    Gethin James said...

    Amnesty International is a movement of ordinary people from around the world standing up for humanity and human rights. Our purpose is to protect individuals wherever justice, fairness, freedom and truth are denied.
    We research human rights violations and through our international network of activists, we campaign for change and stand in solidarity with people who have suffered such abuses.

    Our youth activist and school groups play a vital part in our work, lobbying governments and taking action on behalf of individuals at risk. You can help us achieve further success not only by supporting us financially but also by becoming activists and taking a stand yourselves. Please see our website for details of how you can get involved. You are powerful.

    Mitu Khandaker said...

    AROHON is a tiny charity, taking tiny steps towards doing the biggest of things: helping the world's poorest climb out of poverty. We're doing this by specifically focusing on improving opportunities for women in developing countries. It's increasingly acknowledged that the empowerment of women & adolescent girls is the most important step towards alleviating global poverty.

    Arohon is run by two twentysomething sisters from Portsmouth, for whom running a charity is a part-time endeavour, but world-saving is a full-time passion. We kick-started the project in 2010, raising £6,000 by showing you we're crazy enough to climb Mt Kilimanjaro. We've just used that money to build a women & girl's education & community centre in rural Bangladesh, giving a second chance to women who had to give up their education at an early age due to poverty.

    But, now we need more funding to keep the centre running, and also set up similar projects in other developing countries in Asia and Africa in future.

    You can see a video about our work at: or read more about us at

    Karen McNamara said...

    Bridge Mental Health is a small charity, based in south London, that provides a pathway for people with long term mental health problems to progress from when they first need us to living a more fulfilling role within the community. We support those in our 24 hour high support accommodation to floating support in the client’s own home; this support gradually tapers off to a minimum as the client gains more and more independence.

    We work in close collaboration with local authorities, clinical teams, community mental health groups together with the family and friends of the client whenever possible.

    The aim of Bridge is simple. We want to help all our clients along a path that ultimately leads to them enjoying the same freedom, opportunities and everyday pleasures that most people take for granted.

    With extra funding, it would enable us to widen our circle of support to include self referrals & possibly assist in us setting up a step-down service for our clients in our 24 hour support scheme

    For more information on this great charity please go to

    Alexandra Hildrew said...

    Anthony Nolan is a pioneering charity that saves the lives of people with blood cancer who need a blood stem cell, or bone marrow transplant.

    In 1974, Anthony Nolan's mother, Shirley, set up the world's first bone marrow register to match donors with people who desperately needed a transplant.

    We need vital funds to grow our lifesaving work - visit to find out more today!

    Stepping Stones DS said...

    Stepping Stones DS is a parent led support group for parents & carers of children with Down syndrome in Surrey, Hampshire and Berkshire.

    We support just under 80 families in the local area, providing vital support and resources. As well as emotional support and friendship/social opportunities for parents and children alike we also run

    - training courses
    - free lending library
    - activities for preschoolers including sensory suite sessions, swimming, messy play, soft play, coffee mornings
    - activities for children at school including horseriding, playball, dance & drama as well as one off activities such as craft afternoons, swimming and donutting
    - support and information for schools and hospitals/health professionals

    We rely solely on donations and fundraising and need to raise about £4.5k per month to offer the activities we currently run. No mean feat!

    We would be so terribly grateful if you could help us out in any way.

    GRASSROOTS said...

    GRASSROOTS is a registered charity based in Rowledge (near Farnham, Surrey) that links Surrey schools to schools in Tanzania. We also support projects in Tanzania, Kenya, Romania and India and large numbers of people in the the UK sponsor children supported by these projects. Young people from a number of Surrey schools have organised sponsorship events, mufti days or got their class to sponsor a child in the school they are linked to. Only £3.50 per month is needed to get a child in Tanzania an education, uniform, medical support and regular food. So "A little goes a LONG WAY!"

    Grassroots also runs a project called ORISON ( that organises interactive prayer exhibitions in Surrey primary and secondary schools.

    The Grassroots website is and we can be contacted at or using the phone number/address on the website.

    Youthhealthtalk said... is a website where young people can learn from the experiences of their peers. The site features video clips from interviews with young people about their experiences of issues such as sex, drugs, alcohol, weight, depression and low mood and serious health conditions.
    All the interviews are by Oxford University researchers and published by the DIPEx Charity. We have no message or agenda to promote. Our aim is to give a voice to the full range of experiences linked with each issue, to promote understanding of what young people go through and to improve communication between young people and those who support them.
    With more funding, we could raise awareness of the site and let more young people know that this fantastic resource is available to them, 24/7, free of charge. We would do this by recruiting, training and equipping volunteer promoters, holding fun competitions and through tried and tested marketing techniques.
    Please visit to see for yourself!

    Alison said...

    SpecialEffect is a small national charity dedicated to helping all young people with disabilities to enjoy computer games and other creative interests through cutting edge technology - for rehabilitation, inclusion and pure fun!

    We also specialise in Eye Control Technology. Imagine: You wake up after an accident. You can’t move anything except your eyes. And you can’t speak. That’s when we can help. Through eye-movement alone, we help people operate a computer for communication, independence, work and leisure.

    SpecialEffect’s achievements include the world’s first fully-accessible games suite at a children's hospice and award-winning games roadshows that take place across the country including at the Children's Trust in Surrey, Stoke Mandiville and Great Ormond Street Hospital School.

    We recently launched our Loan Library, inspired by our work helping soldiers injured in Afghanistan through to young people with degenerative conditions who can no longer play in any other way. These include the loan and support of Ipad's and suitable games to an amazing young girl in Surrey called Sophie.

    We do whatever it takes, giving the time, patience and expertise, because we’ve seen first-hand the kick-start it has on motivation, self-esteem, confidence and quality of life.

    Our website is

    Thank you for considering SpecialEffect

    Rachel Welch said...

    More than 1 in 10 teenagers will struggle with self-harm by the age of 16. is an online resource for young people trying to raise awareness of the dangers of self-harm and other addictive behaviours. We offer online support to those affected, as well as information for friends, parents and professionals. We spend a lot of time travelling around the country speaking to schools and we are slowly getting involved with raising awareness in the media.

    Self-harm is a massively important issue and we have lots of things we want to achieve sitting on our wish list. We need to reach as many young people as possible and show them it is possible to survive without needing to harm.

    Thank you.

    Creative Educational Projects said...

    We are a registered charity that works with Adults and Children with Learning Difficulties in London. Many of our service users have conditions on the Autistic Spectrum, or have Down's Syndrome.
    We teach computer skills and recycle used computers which are donated to us. We refurbish these and sell them at low cost, to disabled people, students, youth unemployed, and then to the general public. We are looking to raise £20,000 towards running costs. We will however gladly take donations of used computers, and would also like it if you liked us on Facebook.
    Our web site is:,
    and we can be contacted on email:
    Many thanks for reading our profile,
    Chris Plummer

    Louise Botwright said...

    JUMP is a youth mentoring project run for and by young people.

    JUMP is open to all young people aged 13–25 years old who may benefit from the mentoring process;
    However, our project particularly aims to help vulnerable teenagers find a safe place to live, encourage them to learn the skills that will kick-start their career, and give them the motivation to move away from crime and anti-social behaviour.
    At JUMP, our job is not to judge – our job to listen, to give advice and help whenever we can.
    JUMP’s volunteers know what they’re talking about. Between them, they’ve experienced, bullying and teenage pregnancy; homelessness and drug misuse; family problems and low self-esteem. And now they’re using those experiences to help young people in similar scenarios.
    It’s not easy growing up, before you’ve had a chance to pack away your toys, you’re exposed to a whole new world. Alcohol and drugs, credit cards & loans, sex and pregnancy, exams and jobs. The pressure’s on, and sometimes it gets too much.
    That’s when JUMP’s volunteers come in. They give up their free time, instead choosing to support other young people by giving them guidance, encouragement, understanding and motivation.
    They don’t do it to make money. They do it to make a difference.
    At JUMP, every young person is matched with a Mentor, an independent and unbiased person who they can talk to in confidence and who 9 times out of 10 has been through a similar experience to what their mentee is going through.
    Life’s tough and for those young people who don’t have support, motivation and encouragement or the confidence to speak up about bullying or abuse it can sometimes become a quick and vicious cycle into depression, drug & alcohol misuse, unemployment, crime and a general feeling of no self worth. But with the right support and guidance it doesn’t have to end up that way.

    When you were a child, who brought that special something, a bit of magic, into your life? Those are the things that we tend to look back on and remember. By becoming a mentor with JUMP, you could be that special someone who has made a difference to a young person’s life.

    Being a mentor is something anyone can do, the only requirements are training and a willingness to give guidance, support and motivation and an ability to see the world and yourself through the eyes of the young person you are mentoring.

    A mentor can open a world of possibilities and opportunities for a young person simply by being a positive role model.

    JUMP is simple and rewarding. It is easy to show your mentee how to play a few games, have a laugh, watch a film or read together. Being someone special to a young person takes little more than that, but the impact is huge for both of you!
    Young people first meet their mentor for a game of bowling or a slice of pizza, then every week for the next eight weeks. Nervous first hellos quickly develop into conversations, and the program quickly becomes an enjoyable learning experience for everyone involved. JUMP reviews every match after eight weeks. It can be extended or, if no further weekly sessions are required, a progression route will be agreed with everyone given the opportunity to resume contact with JUMP in the future.
    All of our mentors are fully trained, approachable, down to earth and non judgmental, and can offer a wide range of support to young people who really need it. So why not get involved and show your support buy offering your time, a donation or help to spread the word about JUMP and make a real difference to the lives of young people by helping to ensure every young person has the ability and right to access nonjudgmental help and support when needed.
    To find out more about JUMP or how you can get involved contact louise via 01502 569225 or email

    Sophie AJ said...

    Hi there,
    Go Help ( would love to apply for a grant under the MTG Youth for Charity Scheme.
    Go Help is a tiny charity - we are run almost completely by volunteers (with the exception of two office staff in Mongolia), we have no UK office or equipment and we have incredibly limited resources. What we manage to achieve for such a small charity is quite magnificent and is largely due to the dedication of all volunteers.
    Go Help is a charity that is committed to working with local communities in Central Asia to improve their access to education and healthcare services. We support 7 students going through university, set up two community centres in struggling Mongolian districts, help migrant children catch up with their literacy and helped to provide a drop in centre for street children in the capital of Mongolia. In addition, we've donated 5 ambulances in Mongolia, and 2 in Tajikistan and are working to place another 10, we set up volunteer placements, e.g for teachers, surgeons, etc, and we've been supporting other small charities with gifts in kind over the last 4 years.
    But we need some help - we need to get some equipment in the UK (e.g a printer), and we need to find the funding for a staff member to develop our ambulance project further. We have a massive impact by helping to provide emergency health care to thousands of people in Mongolia and Tajikistan. In Tajikistan, just on the last year we have provided the only (fully equipped) ambulances for a Tajik city of 90,000 people - one for the maternity hospital to help lower the frighteningly high infant and maternal death rates, and one as the city's Accident and Emergency ambulance. Our impact and the things we achieve could be bigger and better - we just need a bit of help to develop our resources. Thank you.
    To find out more about us visit the website or email for more info... Please choose us!!!

    Disability Challengers said...

    Disability Challengers is a unique and exciting children’s charity, providing vital play and leisure opportunities to disabled children and young people aged 2-25 across Surrey and Hampshire. Unfortunately many disabled children are denied the right to play, either through a lack of provision, adequate facilities, or socially discriminatory attitudes which can prevent access to mainstream play and leisure services. Disability Challengers aims to provide disabled children and young people with an abundance of opportunities to simply have fun! We provide a safe and stimulating environment in which children and young people can express themselves and challenge their impairments with the support of dedicated, trained staff. Last year we supported 1,300 families across the county, and strive to expand on this year-on-year to meet the demands of our growing waiting lists.

    We really are passionate about play. We believe every child should have the opportunity to be a child and we are committed to help local disabled children, young people and their families create childhoods full of fun, laughter and opportunity. It’s widely acknowledged that play and leisure activities are the framework on which we begin to build essential skills such as communication, independence and the acceptance and understanding of others. It is crucial that disabled children and young people have the opportunity to develop these skills in order to reach their full potential.

    Whether it’s through painting, baking, playing on the soft play, a trip to the cinema, science museum or local shopping centre – Disability Challengers ensures that the children and young people who use our services have a fantastic time whilst providing parents with a much-needed break, and chance to spend precious time together and with other children.

    Disaiblity Challengers needs support to carry on providing its vital play and leisure services to disabled children and young people throughout the county and beyond. We operate 50 out of 52 weeks a year through various schemes including after-schools clubs, Saturday schemes, through half-terms, Easter holidays, Summer holidays and the Christmas break to name a few! As an independant charity, we rely heavily upon voluntary fundraising - we would be so grateful to have your support.

    Please check us out at or call in on 01483 230060 for more information.

    Ambitious about Autism said...

    Ambitious about Autism is the national charity for children and young people with autism. Our aim is to help make the ordinary possible for the 1 in 100 UK children and young people with autism – a lifelong, neurological condition that affects communication, social understanding and imagination. We believe in equality, education and achievement.

    Our objectives:
    • More and better services
    • Awareness and understanding
    • Influence on policy-making

    Our key activities:

    School years: We run a special school (TreeHouse School) in North London and work with other schools across the UK to help them provide the right support.
    College years: We are setting up a new college for young people with autism aged 19 to 25 years and working with other partners to help young people with autism successfully transition to adult life.
    Early years: We plan to pilot services for earlier identification.
    Families and professionals: We provide training and support.
    Raising Awareness & Influencing: We deliver opportunities for parents and young people to engage with and influence decision-makers.

    Your support will enable us to increase the reach of our activities, supporting the 1 in 100 young people with autism across the UK. To find out more please do visit our website at

    Seamus said...

    On average 2100 people go missing in Surrey each year. Of that, just under half are children.

    Who goes looking for your friends, family & loved ones?

    Surrey Search & Rescue is a volunteer search and rescue
    organisation on call 24 hours a day, 365 days a Year. They work closely
    with the emergency services to locate missing people searching on foot
    and with specially trained dogs.

    So far this year they have been called out 37 times to help
    locate the most vulnerable people in our community such as children
    and the elderly. All of their team members are volunteers who give their
    time and their knowledge for free.

    Although they work closely with the Police and other emergency services,
    all their work is funded by contributions from individuals,
    organisations and grants like this one. This generous support
    enables us them keep volunteers on the front line of searches.

    I would like to ask you for your support in this essential work.

    Thank you for reading this request. I hope to hear from you soon.


    HemiHelp said...

    HemiHelp provides information and support to young people with hemiplegia, a form of cerebral palsy. A young person with hemiplegia will suffer from lack of control and weakness on the side of the body affected. As a result of this brain damage other medical and psychological problems can occur. We have 520 members in Surrey and we believe that nationally we reach at least half of the 12,000 families affected in the UK thanks to our membership service, free helpline and comprehensive website.

    HemiHelp was founded in 1990 by a group of parents who saw a need for an organisation dedicated to supporting people like them- families affected by hemiplegia. Their commitment to reaching as many people remains central to our work.

    HemiHelp aims to complement the work of medical professionals with emotional and practical advice. HemiHelp is there for families when things get hard. We are there for them when their child is diagnosed, when they start school, when they need information and extra support. We put families in touch so they can get support from others who understand what they are going through.

    £20,000 would help us to run our Home Visiting service for the next 1 and a half years. In May we ran out of funds to continue our valuable Home Visiting service and as a result it has been suspended. Since 2007 the Home Visiting service has provided the hardest hit families with one-to-one practical and emotional support at times of crisis. The home visitors are professionally trained and have personal experience of disability or supporting a disabled person. Without your support we cannot continue to provide this valuable service.

    Be inspired at, check us out at , follow us on!/HemiHelp/ and learn more about us at

    For more info please contact

    Anonymous said...

    The Marjorie Richardson Centre
    We are a Charity for people over 50
    or disabled we run a cafe / lunch centre where they can get a low cost meal or snack, chat to friends get some advice or just sit and while away an hour or two, we have a lot of widowed lonely people who come in for the atmosphere and friendly face,also disabled teenagers and young people meet for lunch and we have
    a wide range of volunteers some disabled, ages from 18 to 85 we are run by a trustee committee and two Managers, we do not make a profit any money made is put back into running the centre.

    Alana Hamilton said...

    Face the Future

    We are a local small children's charity. Our charity was formed after the sad loss of our founder's son Jake aged 3 who had Treachers Collions Syndrome. We organise various events throughout the year to raise funds to help children with abnormalities. See our website our aim to to help, support and encourage children in any way we can.

    NSPCC said...

    The NSPCC helps children across the UK through Childline, the NSPCC helpline for adults worried about a child and many local services which aim to show the best way to protect children and help them get over the effects of abuse.

    ChildLine is the UK’s free, confidential helpline dedicated to children and young people. Whenever and wherever children need us, ChildLine will be there for them.

    ChildLine is a service that can help every child in the UK. At ChildLine bases around the country, trained volunteers are on hand to provide advice and support 24 hours a day. And children can get in touch by phone or email- whichever way makes them feel most in control.

    In the last year in South London & the South East, ChildLine received 30,190 calls from landlines, and of this total at least 4,645 calls came from Surrey.

    The NSPCC needs support to keep up this important work. For more information visit our website or contact me:

    Many thanks :)

    Link Leisure said...

    Link Leisure is a local charity covering the areas of Woking and Surrey Heath. We provide social and sporting activities for both children and adults with a wide variety of learning disabilities including Autism, Down’s syndrome, and Developmental Global Delay.
    We aim to provide exciting and individual activities and experiences to all of our 500 service users. Activities that we currently provide include playschemes, residential trips, swimming clubs, garden projects, sports clubs, a choir and trips into the local community. All of our groups run throughout the year for our service users. We even hold a nightclub event entitled “Mayhem” for our over 18’s. This event attracts over 250 disabled adults from across the county and our oldest attendee is 75 years old!
    Our resident DJ and some of the support staff also having learning disabilities. The aim of this event is to give these people the same opportunities as other people their own age whilst being in a safe and controlled environment.
    The main aim of the charity is to create independence and alleviate social isolation for these disabled people and above all enabling them to have fun in a safe and stimulating environment.
    We are always looking to expand and increase our services for our service users so your support would be vital in enabling us to reach more disabled people living across Woking and Surrey Heath.
    For further information about Link Leisure and the work that we do you can visit our website or call us on 01483 770037

    Please email

    thankyou :) said...

    Would you like to help your grandparents and other older people enjoy their lives to the full? If so you could help us to help them by supporting Age Concern Surrey Heath. We are an independent charity that promotes the well being of all older people across the borough of Surrey Heath.
    Our aim is to enhance the lives of older people by helping overcome isolation and loneliness, and to enable people to live independently and remain in their own home as long as possible. We do not receive any funding from other Age related charities.
    Our parents and grandparents have looked after and supported us for many years, but as they get older may need more support themselves to lead full and independent lives. With so many local services being cut, elderly people are relying more and more on the services offered by charities to make sure that they are not forgotten.
    We currently run a Visiting and Befriending Service, providing regular volunteer visitors to elderly people who may be housebound or receive few visitors.
    We also run a Tea Room in Camberley Town centre which provides refreshments for the over 50’s, and is a great place for people to meet new friends.
    We offer a local Information and Signposting Support Service and would like to be able to reopen the Lunch and Activities Club which we were forced to close earlier this year due to lack of funding.
    If you would like more information about us or our services please telephone 01276 707585 or contact us by email on

    your Sanctuary said...

    your Sanctuary offers emotional and practical support to women, men and children who have been affected by domestic abuse in Surrey. We aim to reverse and reduce the cycle of domestic abuse by providing four key services: a 24 hour emergency helpline (the only one available throughout Surrey); two refuges for women and their children fleeing domestic abuse; a Children's and a Community Outreach Service in the boroughs of Woking, Runnymede and Surrey Heath; and an education and prevention programme.

    Research shows that 1 in 4 women will experience domestic abuse in their lifetimes; in Surrey this figure is 1 in 3. Each year 750,000 children in the UK witness domestic abuse causing immediate and long term cognitive, behavioural and emotional effects, and 25% of 13-17 year olds who are dating report experiencing physical violence or verbal, emotional or sexual abuse in their relationships. With your help we can reach more people who are affected by domestic abuse before it’s too late, by running awareness raising sessions in local schools, companies, and groups; and expanding our life-saving services. Help us help others live a life without fear, and contact us today at

    Linda Wilson said...

    The Legacy Project has been set up to re-engage communities through creating ambassadors for positive change in schools and youth groups in the South of England. The Legacy project team work with youth, business mentors, and local volunteers to identify and deliver projects that have an immediate and positive impact in the local community.
    To advance in life and help young people by, providing support and activities which develop their skills, capacities and capabilities which enable them to participate in society as mature and responsible individuals.
    “The Legacy Project harnesses the power of youth potential and delivers positive and impactful projects in disadvantaged communities.”
    To create engaged communities that take responsibility for each other
    To develop future business leaders and ambassadors for change
    To raise awareness of national and global issues through a local lens
    To provide powerful personal development experiences
    To reduce crime, hostility and vandalism
    To provide fresh energy, enthusiasm and inspiration in disadvantaged communities

    Who we are:
    The Legacy Project is an ambitious initiative that harnesses the power of youth potential to deliver powerful, positive and impactful projects in communities across the UK.
    We are passionate about providing projects and services that will develop young leaders and ambassadors for change who will work together to leave a lasting legacy in every community in the UK.
    Our pilot projects in Hampshire have delivered positive results in one of the most disadvantaged communities in the UK. Legacy has been endorsed by the Prime Ministers office as a fantastic example of Big Society at work.
    The Legacy Project develops youth ambassadors for change and future business leaders, it creates connections and develops relationships between local businesses, individuals, schools and social sector organisations within these communities.
    The Legacy Project provides inspiring and powerful experiences and opportunities for youth to work with a cross section of people from the local community to really make a difference
    Youth that feel positively empowered and responsible for the community
    Future business leaders and ambassadors for change
    Engaged communities that care for each other.

    Take a look at our website

    East Surrey Domestic Abuse Service said...

    East Surrey Domestic Abuse Service is an independent charity supporting survivors of domestic abuse who live and work in the East Surrey area.

    Our outreach service provides practical and emotional support to anyone over the age of 16 experiencing domestic abuse; regardless of gender, sexuality, class and ethnicity. We also run various groups as well as debt advisory and counselling services.

    Our children's worker supports young people aged 4-16 whose lives have been affected by domestic abuse, through one to one support sessions as well as groups.

    We also have a huge number of volunteers, some of whom are ex-service users, that accompany clients to appointments, act as befrienders, fundraise and facilitate various groups and projects.

    We raise awareness of domestic abuse by training various agencies about domestic abuse and its effects, as well as delivering healthy relationship lessons in schools and at various youth projects.

    One in four women and one in six men experience domestic abuse in their lifetime and so chances are you will know someone whose life has been affected. Supporting our charity will mean we can further develop out service to continue to support people to make changes in their lives and keep themselves and their children safe. We believe that everyone deserves to live their lives without fear of abuse or violence.

    Please look at our website for further details: or contact

    Lisa Dimbylow said...

    SATRO is a charity that helps Year 10 and 11 students in Surrey secondary schools gain a qualification in Construction and Building skills such as plumbing, welding and bricklaying.

    Our Construction Buses visit schools once a week - the courses we offer really appeal to those young people who prefer non-academic learning, who might feel they have no future after school.

    Many of the students who complete our courses go on to successfull apprenticeships or jobs with local firms.

    We desperately need funding for a new Construction Bus. We want to buy a second hand van and fit it out with all the tools and equipment we need.

    If you think you know anyone who would benefit from this course, perhaps you or one of your friends who feel anxious about what career you could follow after you leave school, then please help us raise funds for a new bus.

    For more details, have a look at

    Thank you for reading!

    Sonja Freebody said...

    Rape and Sexual Abuse Support Centre for Surrey.

    70 volunteers, 5 staff.

    2,500 telephone helpline calls a year(that's 50 per week).

    2,500 individual one-to-one counselling sessions a year (that's 50 per week).

    £150,000 to run every year.

    One to one counselling
    Self Help Groups
    Court Support Counselling
    Family Support Counselling
    Awareness raising.

    Men, women and young people depend on us and one in four people will experience rape or sexual abuse during their lifetime. We support people whether it is a recent experience or one from many years ago in their childhood. 60-70% female clients.

    Help us support them.
    01483 452900 office
    01483 546400 helpline
    Reg. Charity 1059154

    Hannah Addison said...

    Woking YMCA is a local charity that support young people, especially in times of need. We operate a state of the art youth centre from where we run lots of free activities for young people to get involved with such as DJ-ing, music production, MC-ing, Grafitti art, Street dance and loads more. We also have our youth cafe open 5 times a week for all young people to come down, hang out and play pool or use or computers.

    We also run an alternative education programme for young people in Years 10 and 11, where we help them get qualifications and help them get into college or get a job or apprenticeship after they leave school.

    We also have a housing project called Grove Court where we offer accomodation to homeless young people. We currently have 12 young people living with us and we are providing them with support, help to get into college or work, budgeting skills and access to free counselling.

    Our free counselling service is open to all young people aged 16 or over.

    We also have 2 Connexions PAs who help young people in Yr 11 get into college or apprenticeships or work and they also work with young people who are aged 16-19 who are not in education, employment or training and help them find work or a college place.

    We provide opportunities for people to volunteer with us.
    We have many volunteers who help us carry out our work.

    This money would be really useful for us as we could put it towards equipment and sessions for young people to be involved in.

    Thank you :)

    Human Being Best said...

    Human Being Best is newly registered charity organisation; however, our trustees and founders have been involved in volunteering work and charity work for over a decade. Until now, the donations were made from private individuals, but over the years, our work and ideas have developed and expanded.

    Our mission is to support education of underprivileged children in Africa and we are succeeding in doing so through our ever expanding support network of corporate and individual partners.

    Our aim is to raise funds to pay for internet connectivity, teaching, and training courses for underprivileged children. Funds are also allocated for clothes, food, school materials, school fees, toys and other items necessary for daily living of children in orphanages and children’s homes.

    We only make donations to organisations that we have personally met and that we have established long-term working relationships and a long-term support plan. Our main activities are currently in Ghana.

    Helene said...

    If you are looking for a local charity to support please consider Parity for Disability. We run day services in Camberley and Farnborough, providing vital services, information and support for children and adults with multiple disabilities, their families and carers throughout Surrey, Hampshire, and Berkshire. We are dedicated to ensuring profoundly disabled people have access to the same quality of life that everyone has a right to expect. Parity also runs Easter and summer teenagers' activity schemes, and a music therapy service that operates both on-site and in homes, schools and other locations throughout the area. The charity has launched a £1.6 million appeal for its own dedicated building. You are welcome to come to our Camberley day service and meet the staff and students. To learn more, please visit: For more information, please contact:

    Helene Abbiss, Parity for Disability: 01252 375581 (office), e-mail:
    Parity is a registered charity no 1071571.

    Georgi Robinson-Welch said...

    Phyllis Tuckwell Hospice

    Phyllis Tuckwell Hospice, based in Farnham, Surrey, is the only adult hospice serving West Surrey and North East Hampshire. We care for seriously ill people and their families both at the Hospice and out in our local community. Our philosophy is about living, not dying, and understanding that the modern use of the word ‘hospice’ is about a specialist system of care across many professions in the community.
    The NHS covers less than 12% of our costs, which is under half the national average for hospices. This means we have to fundraise 88p in every pound the Hospice needs to spend. For that reason, we rely heavily on the support and generosity of the local community. All our services are free of charge, but we need to fundraise over £15,000 a day to offer such an exceptional standard of clinical care and support so income from legacies, sales from our thirteen shops, fundraising events, general donations and corporate support are all essential.The NHS covers less than 12% of our costs, which is under half the national average for hospices. This means we have to fundraise 88p in every pound the Hospice needs to spend. For that reason, we rely heavily on the support and generosity of the local community. All our services are free of charge, but we need to fundraise over £15,000 a day to offer such an exceptional standard of clinical care and support.
    Please look at our website or contact our Fundraising team for more information.
    Thank you

    Treloar Trust said...

    Would you like to help Treloar’s transform the lives of severely disabled youngsters?

    Treloar’s is a local charity based in Alton, Hampshire, which runs the Treloar School and College, a remarkable life-changing place where some of the most severely physically disabled young people in the UK live and learn.

    One in three of them have little or no natural speech, 90% rely on wheelchairs to get around, and tragically, one in five won’t live beyond their early twenties. Our students have a range of disabilities including cerebral palsy, spina bifida and muscular dystrophy and are aged between 9 and 25. The passion and expertise of Treloar’s staff gives our students the opportunity to live their lives to the full and make a positive contribution.

    Every year we must raise over £1million to give these youngsters the education, care, therapy, medical support and independence training they need.

    We really hope you would like to help us brighten the future for our inspirational youngsters, and we would be very happy for you and your school to visit Treloar’s to meet with them.

    Please visit our website or email or call us on 01420 547477. We look forward to hearing from you!

    School-Home Support said...

    School-Home Support makes a real difference to disadvantaged children's and young people’s lives and futures by tackling the problems behind persistent truancy and withdrawn or disruptive behaviour and which are responsible for underachievement at school.

    Our specially-trained, independent workers are active in over 160 schools, working in school and at home with children, young people and their families to resolve the problems behind poor school attendance and low learning attainment.

    Last year 79% of pupils who were classed as persistent truants (missing school for 20% or more of the time) when they were first referred to us improved their attendance; while 56 % of all the pupils we worked with made greater learning progress and 63 % were more involved in school life.

    We are active in around 160 schools in some of the country’s most economically and socially deprived areas.

    Every £1,000 we receive is equivalent to providing a week’s full support in one of these schools.

    Find out more by going to:

    Charlotte Pawle said...

    Brightside works with disadvantaged young people across the UK, who might dream of going to university or becoming a doctor, lawyer or engineer, but have no-one to turn to for advice. We connect them with a trained online mentor, who gives them the personal help and support others might take for granted. This cash will make a real difference, helping us reach even more young people, developing their confidence and skills and breaking down the barriers that can prevent people from achieving their ambitions.

    To learn more about what we do, please visit:

    For more information, please contact:
    Charlotte Pawle
    020 7922 7800

    Make-A-Wish Foundation UK said...

    Make-A-Wish Foundation® UK, based in Camberley, Surrey has a very simple objective – to grant magical wishes to children and young people fighting life-threatening conditions. The charity was founded in the UK in 1986 and since then has granted over 7,300 wishes.

    With over 20,000 children in the UK living with life-threatening conditions at any one time, our work is never ending. Our aim is to ensure that every one of these children is able to experience the magic and joy of a Make-A-Wish wish.

    We receive no government funding or lottery grants, relying on the generous donations of the public and that’s why, for our charity, every donation really counts.

    If you would like more information about Make-A-Wish please visit our website at or contact us on:

    Tel: 01276 40 50 60 Email:

    Make-A-Wish Foundation UK
    329-331 London Road
    GU15 3HQ

    Friends of PICU said...

    The Friends of PICU is a charity covering the Central South of the UK from Surrey across to Oxford and down to West Sussex and over to Salisbury.

    We support the regional centre of excellence for Children's Intensive Care at Southampton Hospital. The charity has just fully funded the purchase of a new specialist ambulance which can retrieve children who are critically ill and take them to the PICU for urgent and often life-saving treatment.

    We are run solely by volunteers and rely on kind donations and fundraising from our own events.

    Based at Southampton General Hospital is the South’s centre of excellence in Paediatric Intensive Care where each year PICU treats approximately 900 critically ill children.

    Children aged from newborn babies to 18 years arrive with all manner of illnesses and injuries, treated by a team of highly skilled medical staff who have an outstanding reputation for high levels of care.

    If you would like to know more about Friends of PICU please visit our website at

    Louise Mousseau said...

    Hello! We're FoodCycle - a new and innovative charity that works with young volunteers to empower them to run their own community projects across the UK.

    Across the UK millions of tonnes of food is thrown out each year with at least 400,000 tonnes being thrown out by supermarkets that could be eaten! At the same time 4 million people are affected by food poverty. At FoodCycle we think this is ridiculous! So we're doing something about it - and you can too!

    We combine surplus food that is being thrown out by supermarkets, spare kitchen spaces and the power volunteers to create tasty and nutritious three course meals for people who need them.

    We work with all different kinds of people, young people looking for work, students, people with mental health issues, refugees, older people, homeless people and many more! We think everyone deserves to be able to enjoy a nice meal in good company. If you love food, and helping your community, then this is the charity for you so please come support us!

    The Amber Foundation said...

    Amber provides a temporary home to young people.

    It is a project that provides a programme of activities, education, training and support to unemployed people aged 17 to 30 who are marginalised as a result of being homeless, having a history of substance misuse, having been involved in crime and in many cases are ex-offenders. The programme is individually tailored to the needs of the young person to help them gain the motivation, confidence, self-esteem and skills to become employable and get a job or place at college and sustainable accommodation.

    Our residential centre in Ockley, Surrey, opened in April 2010 and is one of three now in the country. The Surrey centre accommodates up to 28 young people all of whom are referred to us by various organisations including the prison service, probation, Youth Offending Teams, social services, local authorities, hostels, addiction treatment agencies, other voluntary organisations as well as family and friends and self referrals.

    Our residential settings are crucial to our success; however Amber is much more than just a temporary home. It provides Amberteers with a challenging and engaging process to help them overcome each of the obstacles that have previously stood between them and independent living, filling the void left by addiction and/or other difficult circumstances.

    The length of stay is about six months but it depends on the individuals’ needs and progression. For some it can take a long time to transform them into forward looking positive individuals because their past lives have been so chaotic. Previous interventions have been unsuccessful and for many young people, Amber’s approach works.

    Music can often be a great way to focus and channel emotions. So many of our young people enjoy involvement with music in such a diverse way as part of their programme here and so to further develop and sustain this interest, we would love to be able to create a music room here at Farm Place with your kind support.

    Please take a look at our website for further information:

    To find out more about Amber, please contact Rachel Bartlett on 07879 415716 or email:

    Little Frog said...

    Oxfam has been fighting poverty for over 65 years. This makes us one of the most experienced development agencies in the world, which we think puts us in a strong position to help bring about lasting change for some of the poorest people on the planet.

    In suggesting Oxfam, we're actually suggesting the people we work to help. The best people to help poor communities are community members themselves; that's because no-one understands their problems better than they do. In fact, Oxfam mostly works in partnership with local organisations – supporting initiatives that are their own. From small businesses in Sri Lanka, education for girls in Pakistan, or increasing farming outputs in Bangladesh, our projects help people to lift themselves out of poverty - for the long term.

    You can see more details for some of our projects here:

    For more information please call Kate on 01865 472126 or email

    Leanne Grubb said...

    Step by Step is a youth homelessness charity based in Aldershot. The aim: empowering homeless people and those facing adversity to achieve their full potential. We helped over 850 young people in need from Hampshire, Berkshire and Surrey Borders last year.

    Providing accommodation, training and support services to help halt the downward spiral our clients are often on upon arrival. Last year we helped an incredible 78% of our young people progress or stabilise, meaning re-entering education, training or employment and/or a home of their own. A fantastic outcome not just for the young person themselves but for the entire community.

    We'd love your support;

    For more information please contact the fundraising team; 01252 346107,