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You can enter the Youth for Charity project as an individual pupil or as part of a project organised by your school.

Click here for a list of charities that have indicated that they would like to be helped by MTG Youth for Charity

Click here  for our guidance notes to help you research and bid for an award

Click here for our philosophy regarding the types of charities that we'd like to help. HOWEVER, it's up to you - find us the charities that you think do the best work and which could do with financial help.

Click here for more information about how the process will work within each school.

Do you have a question? Ask it by making a comment below and we'll do our best to answer it

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Anonymous said...

How many students can there be in a group?

Ian Vincent said...


Thanks for your question, Anonymous.

You can have as many students in a group as you wish!

The important thing is to get proposals for a number of charities. So if for example you and 3 other students have discovered 2 charities that you feel could do with extra funding, then it might be better to split into 2 teams of 2.

The important thing is the number and quality of the charities.

Hope this helps..

Anonymous said...

Is the deadline finished or can I still post an entry??

Ian said...


The deadline has passed and the charities who have received awards will be announced soon