Lifetrain Trust Presentation


We're emailing to put forward our pitch for The Lifetrain Trust.

Please watch our short video.

When we heard about the Youth for Charity project, we wanted to find a charity that was not only deserving of the money for their work but also needed it. After considering various organisations, we discovered The Lifetrain Trust - a charity that works directly with thousands of people in Surrey, young and old, to improve their lives in myriad ways. We were particularly amazed by Lifetrain's work with young people: work like the Runnymead Responsive Alternative Individual Development (RRAID) program, on which we've focussed our pitch. The efforts of this program, and the results it achieves, are truly humbling.

There was another reason behind choosing Lifetrain. As students attending a private school in an affluent area, we're not really affected by the issues that RRAID and similar programs combat: but nor should anyone be. We are always in danger of forgetting that these problems exist all around us, and choosing Lifetrain was one way to remind ourselves.

While RRAID was the project that particularly inspired us, we'd like to tell you very briefly about some of the myriad other work conducted by The Lifetrain Trust. As an example, Lifetrain is currently working with over 300 young people in one project, the Youth Achievement Awards, in order to help improve their prospects and, more importantly, their life skills, pride in achievement and self esteem. You can find more details on their
website: .

Despite all Lifetrain's charitable efforts, we were sad to discover that recently their main facility, Felbury House, had to be closed after the charity found it difficult to raise the funds required at a time of increased demand for youth work and disability services in Surrey. As a consequence, the Trust moved into offices in Fetcham where they still continue their work - without the residential capabilities that Felbury House provided. The news of the charity being forced to scale down due to costs marks out The Lifetrain Trust as a charity that will make use of any money it receives in the best possible way.

Currently The Lifetrain Trust needs £80,000 to continue the RRAID project next year. Much of this money is being raised by local schools, and Lifetrain is also appealing to local and national organisations. But these are tough times, and it's going to be difficult: any money donated now will make a world of difference. If The Lifetrain Trust were to receive £10,000, it would go directly towards supporting RRAID, helping it continue through to next year.

We've tried to capture just one example of the positive impacts of the RRAID program in our video. Pound for pound, this project does an incredible amount of good: specific, measurable good, helping people like M to find a footing in life.

We can't thank you enough for this opportunity, and we hope that you'll give this project the consideration it deserves.


James Delaney
Alex Hartley
Angus Hammond
Sebastian Mansley

Royal Grammar School Guildford

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