Sebastians Action Trust Presentation

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Nothing is worse than outliving your children, except knowing you
are going to outlive them.

Sebastian was diagnosed with a Wilms tumour at the age of 7. During his battle
with his illness he took part in many fund raising activities and showed great
courage and maturity. He always had a positive attitude and inspired all those
who met him, even though he was so young he always sought out opportunities
to help others riddled with disease. Despite enduring many different treatments
he passed away two years later. Out of his death though, Sebastians Action
Trust was born.

It is a charity that specializes in caring for families who possess a seriously ill
child. Two of the most vital aspects of the charity are providing holidays and
support for families whose children suffer from life limiting or threatening
illnesses. They have a holiday home called The Bluebells and families can go
there to enjoy a stress free holiday where their needs are catered for, as it is a
purpose-built holiday home.

What would the money provide?

The money will provide the funds with a sensory garden where families can
spend time their relaxing and taking in their surroundings, once built it will
require minimum upkeep and will be long lasting so those far in the future
can enjoy it to. We asked one family what they thought of the sensory garden
idea, “The sensory garden would provide a peaceful place to gather your
thoughts, and the aroma of the different plants will remind you of past and
present memories.” We have no idea what these families are going through but
anything that can enhance the time the have left is sure to be a positive thing.

The garden will not help just one family it will provide a space for all those
supported by the charity a stress free environment to relax.

Giving current economic conditions even though Sebastains has never benefited
from the government they are clearly not likely to benefit in the future. Also
due to current financial times donations from the public are decreasing due
to everyone having to tighten their belts. The sensory garden would be such a
success for the charity and it needs your money to do it!

Why did we choose Sebastians?

The scheme is such an amazing opportunity to do something great for a charity
but with so many worthy charities out there it was hard to pick just one.
Sebastians was such a local charity and we figured if we managed to place
a winning bid the money would really make such a difference to the charity.
Furthermore Holly has younger siblings and the thought of anything happening
to one of them has really brought this close to her heat. Not only is it terrible
for a parent to lose a child but it is also terrible for a brother or sister to lose a
sibling and Sebastians allows the whole family to make the most of the time they
have left with their loved one.

Our team asked questions to several families concerning how the charity helps
them so that we made sure we chose the right charity to support with our
bid. Here is one set of answers, for protection reasons the family will remain

How long has your family had a relationship with Sebastians? 

“My family and I have known everyone at Sebastians Action Trust since 2007.”

How has Sebastians helped your family? 

“The trust has helped us in so many amazing ways, they supplied transport
to and from hospitals for essential treatments/appointments, they have often
helped us with finances and have given us breaks away which the whole family
were in need of, the trust also organizes the most amazing sibling days and
Christmas parties which my children attend every year and have the time of their
Not only do the team offer all of this practical support they are also there
for the emotional side too, the team are always only a phone call away.”

What would the life of your family be like without Sebastians? 

“I think it would utter chaos and very stressful, Jane and the team are amazing
and make a huge difference to families like my own! It’s just knowing that you
always have that fantastic support there. “

What is special about Sebastians that makes it unique? 

“As u may know Jane gates (Sebastians’ mum) has been through the saddest
experience of losing her son Sebastian, because of what she and her family
have been through she completely understands how the families that they
supporting feel! Also Sebastians wish was for a purpose built holiday home to
be built to give families like mine a chance to take a holiday without the worry
of equipment and paying cancellation fees etc.
The house is named Bluebells and
it’s fantastic it has everything you need and more! The team at Sebastians actions
are like part of our family now and we couldn't be without them.”

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