FoodCycle - feeding people great meals using otherwise wasted food

Louise Mousseau said...

Hello! We're FoodCycle - a new and innovative charity that works with young volunteers to empower them to run their own community projects across the UK.

Across the UK millions of tonnes of food is thrown out each year with at least 400,000 tonnes being thrown out by supermarkets that could be eaten! At the same time 4 million people are affected by food poverty. At FoodCycle we think this is ridiculous! So we're doing something about it - and you can too!

We combine surplus food that is being thrown out by supermarkets, spare kitchen spaces and the power volunteers to create tasty and nutritious three course meals for people who need them.

We work with all different kinds of people, young people looking for work, students, people with mental health issues, refugees, older people, homeless people and many more! We think everyone deserves to be able to enjoy a nice meal in good company. If you love food, and helping your community, then this is the charity for you so please come support us!

March 07, 2012

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