The Amber Foundation - a temporary home for the young in need

The Amber Foundation said...
Amber provides a temporary home to young people.

It is a project that provides a programme of activities, education, training and support to unemployed people aged 17 to 30 who are marginalised as a result of being homeless, having a history of substance misuse, having been involved in crime and in many cases are ex-offenders. The programme is individually tailored to the needs of the young person to help them gain the motivation, confidence, self-esteem and skills to become employable and get a job or place at college and sustainable accommodation.

Our residential centre in Ockley, Surrey, opened in April 2010 and is one of three now in the country. The Surrey centre accommodates up to 28 young people all of whom are referred to us by various organisations including the prison service, probation, Youth Offending Teams, social services, local authorities, hostels, addiction treatment agencies, other voluntary organisations as well as family and friends and self referrals.

Our residential settings are crucial to our success; however Amber is much more than just a temporary home. It provides Amberteers with a challenging and engaging process to help them overcome each of the obstacles that have previously stood between them and independent living, filling the void left by addiction and/or other difficult circumstances.

The length of stay is about six months but it depends on the individuals’ needs and progression. For some it can take a long time to transform them into forward looking positive individuals because their past lives have been so chaotic. Previous interventions have been unsuccessful and for many young people, Amber’s approach works.

Music can often be a great way to focus and channel emotions. So many of our young people enjoy involvement with music in such a diverse way as part of their programme here and so to further develop and sustain this interest, we would love to be able to create a music room here at Farm Place with your kind support.

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To find out more about Amber, please contact Rachel Bartlett on 07879 415716 or email:

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