halow - supporting over one hundred young people with a learning difficulty

Di Bird of the halow project wrote:

The inspiration for halow came from Harriet, Amber, Laura, Oliver and William, each having a learning disability.  Their parents, all friends, came together at the beginning of 2006 concerned with the prospect for their children's future and others like them. Passionate that these young people should lead positive and happy lives, near their own friends and families in Surrey, the parents established the halow project.

The halow project is a charity committed to supporting young people with a learning disability to have the same life choices as any other young person. The young people we work with want the opportunity to:

·         Build relationships
·         Become part of the community
·         Find meaningful employment
·         And have a home of their own

We work with each individual and their family, professionals and other organisations to design and develop services that enable young people to consider and make choices about their lives.

We are passionate about people’s rights; we believe that each young person with a learning disability has the right to be part of and respected in their communities. Young people with a learning disability should have the right to a life they choose, in ways which best suit them. All of our work is centred around these principles, enabling young people to become citizens.

We are not Government funded and work constantly to raise funds for these projects.

Please see our website www.halowproject.org.uk for more information. 

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