Human Being Best supporting education in Africa

Human Being Best said...
Human Being Best is newly registered charity organisation; however, our trustees and founders have been involved in volunteering work and charity work for over a decade. Until now, the donations were made from private individuals, but over the years, our work and ideas have developed and expanded.
Our mission is to support education of underprivileged children in Africa and we are succeeding in doing so through our ever expanding support network of corporate and individual partners.
Our aim is to raise funds to pay for internet connectivity, teaching, and training courses for underprivileged children. Funds are also allocated for clothes, food, school materials, school fees, toys and other items necessary for daily living of children in orphanages and children’s homes.
We only make donations to organisations that we have personally met and that we have established long-term working relationships and a long-term support plan. Our main activities are currently in Ghana.

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