The Legacy Project - engaging local communities via Youth

Linda Wilson said...
The Legacy Project has been set up to re-engage communities through creating ambassadors for positive change in schools and youth groups in the South of England. The Legacy project team work with youth, business mentors, and local volunteers to identify and deliver projects that have an immediate and positive impact in the local community.
To advance in life and help young people by, providing support and activities which develop their skills, capacities and capabilities which enable them to participate in society as mature and responsible individuals. “The Legacy Project harnesses the power of youth potential and delivers positive and impactful projects in disadvantaged communities.”
To create engaged communities that take responsibility for each other To develop future business leaders and ambassadors for change To raise awareness of national and global issues through a local lens To provide powerful personal development experiences To reduce crime, hostility and vandalism To provide fresh energy, enthusiasm and inspiration in disadvantaged communities
Who we are:
The Legacy Project is an ambitious initiative that harnesses the power of youth potential to deliver powerful, positive and impactful projects in communities across the UK. We are passionate about providing projects and services that will develop young leaders and ambassadors for change who will work together to leave a lasting legacy in every community in the UK. Our pilot projects in Hampshire have delivered positive results in one of the most disadvantaged communities in the UK. Legacy has been endorsed by the Prime Ministers office as a fantastic example of Big Society at work.
The Legacy Project develops youth ambassadors for change and future business leaders, it creates connections and develops relationships between local businesses, individuals, schools and social sector organisations within these communities.
The Legacy Project provides inspiring and powerful experiences and opportunities for youth to work with a cross section of people from the local community to really make a difference ...
Youth that feel positively empowered and responsible for the community Future business leaders and ambassadors for change Engaged communities that care for each other.
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