Through the Roof - making a big difference to the lives of disabled people around the world

Through the Roof said...
Through the Roof is a small charity in Surrey making a big difference in the lives of disabled people around the world. We believe everyone has equal value and unique potential, but disabled people are the most likely to suffer from poverty, unemployment, abuse and hate-crime. In many countries disabled kids are locked up at home! We demonstrate God's love for all by providing life-changing opportunities to disabled people, such as the gift of a wheelchair to those in developing countries, friendship groups, or overseas trips. Nelson in Kenya received freedom when he got a wheelchair and can now run his own business. Abigail, 17, from Surrey, had a life-changing trip to India with our youth programme (Integr8) to inspire people with her experience of living with autism. Please help us transform the lives of more disabled people. Visit and
22 June 2011
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