Submission Guidance

Here are some tips on how to prepare a winning submission so that your chosen charity wins valuable funding. First, read our notes here on what we look for in a worthy charity.

Next, try to answer the following questions re the work that the charity does: 

  • Who does the charity help?
  • How easy would it for the charity's clients be able to obtain the assistance they receive from other sources?
  • Do the charity's clients put anything back in to the charity?
  • Does the charity spend money wisely?
  • Does the work that the charity does impact negatively on other people?

and the following questions re the award that you would like to win for the charity:

  • What will the charity do with the money?
  • Who will it help?
  • If the money is for a capital item, will the charity need further funds in order to use the item?
  • Are there any ancillary costs related to the proposal - such as insurance, professional fees, licences, etc.
  • Will the award improve the efficiency of the charity?
  • Will the award help the charity fundraise?
  • Will the award help the charity attract volunteers?
  • Some charities do a good job but have difficulty reaching the people that need their assistance, would the award help?
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